Corn Walker : Beyond A/B: A Minimalist Graph Approach

What happens when you take Chris Crim's vision to its logical conclusion?

This is something I though about after I approached him at FileMaker DevCon in 2006, asking for join conditionals in the graph. He said, "Why put them in the Graph? What if I gave them to you on the Layout?" Supposedly his vision was that the relationships graph, what he always referred to as the "join graph," would consist only of those relationships necessary to express the data model. And yet he was on the receiving end as people waxed apoplectic about having had their precious relationships lists replaced with this "graph" monstrosity.

Now that Chris is no longer with us (no, not in that way, he's left FMI likely to cash in on his fortune in Apple stock) I've wondered whether his vision was actually achievable. Certainly back in FMP 8 days it wasn't, but with Filtered Portals in FMP 11 has the situation changed any?


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