Checklist Manifesto

I recently came across this book on how Checklists are used in business in many industries. It started with Boeing to fly certain jets. This practice expanded into Surgery and Investing. I want to lead an open ended discussion on the use of checklists in Filemaker Design.

There are several Topic to explore.

How can we use a checklist to make sure our solutions work properly. Are the Must do and Must have in a database. Is there a list of No No's for a database. Each developer will have a list in their mind from their years of experience. Can we create a Checklist that is shared?

Also can we use checklist for users. There are many times in which a user must fill out a screen or make sure certain values are set. Can we use a checklist to show the user what needs to be done. It is a different design philosophy than using validation on each field or a wizard like form.