Allen Imbarrato : Creating More Success with Less Stress

Many of us have chosen our work as a Filemaker developer so that we can have the lifestyle and freedom we want. What is your vision for your work and life? Can this vision be bigger? Is bigger better? This is a chance to explore ways of expanding your vision, to find a creative balance to not only create success in business, but how toenjoy it more in your life. We will look at opening new possibilities for working less, and making more such as building a virtual company, with virtual employees. We will also look at how we can better utilize one of most important and least recognized tools for achieving success in work and life.
Discover the underlying triggers for stress reactions, and how this can limit success.Learn ways to shift stress to become more productive.
This is an opportunity to have an interactive, open dialog on how wecan sometimes unknowingly limit our success, and share ways on how we can breakthrough those limits.
Workshop Facilitator is Allen Imbarrato of Ki Systems, Inc.. Ki Systems has sold worldwide for 15 years, it's flagship product "KiBiz", a business management and accounting program. Their latest product is an iPhone app, "Stress Shifter", that was released in January in the ITunes Store. Ki Systems, has 5 virtual employees, along with 6 subcontractors who work together to form a virtual company. Before creating KiBiz, Allen traveled for many years throughout the U.S. delivering his Seminar, "Winning at Work and at Life".

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