David Graham : Introducing BoB: the open source contact manager you never knew you needed.

Software companies love the the term “best of breed” (BOB), but what does that really mean anyway? Is it the best because they created it, because it’s the most popular, or because it-really-is-the-best-thing-since-sliced-bread? In our case, all of the above. BoB is just a code name really, for a product that some might call a CRM or contact management system. We just think of it as the best possible way for a FileMaker database to model people and organizations (i.e., “parties”), how these parties related to “you” and to each other, and how to efficiently capture interactions that you will have with these “parties”.

BoB is not a beautifully crafted shrink-wrapped product. It’s a framework which is the culmination of lessons learned from over a decade of mistakes and success. It incorporates tons of techniques gleaned from other experts, sprinkled with a few gems of our own creation. It’s the perfect product to use as the basis for a practical discussion on data modeling, especially because it’s seeing the light of day for the first time at PauseOnError NY 2011. There’s a lot more to this than the data model, but we’ll see how much time we have to dig deeper. Did I mention that it’s free?"

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