Vincenzo Menanno : FileMaker User experience for Developers

I'll be hosting an open discussion about the FileMaker User experience

Usually we are looking at ways to improve the end user experience, what I am interested in doing with this session is to collect mockups, ideas, or suggestions on how we can improve the developer Experience when building solutions in FileMaker.

Do you have some innovative ideas on what could be done to the Relationship graph more useful and easier to use? How about some improvements to the calculation dialog, or how we edit and work with scripts using ScriptMaker?

Now is your chance to mock things up... Anything goes! Send your ideas to (, suggestions, or mockups by Feb 11, 2011 so I'll have some time to organize them and we'll review and discuss them together. We'll also have the privilege of having Heather Winkle ( Product Manager for User Experience ) be part of the discussion. So its going to be great to see what we all come up with.

Just to get your creative juices flowing, here are a few questions to ponder.

Do the changes actually help us be more productive?
Would the changes get more in the way of our work?
Other than UI enhancements what other changes would you like to see that could impact the way you develop solution.
Does the change convey enough information or too much information - what is better ( maybe just in time information )
Will they scale with the future changes of User Interaction especially with multi-touch?
Are we only going to be developing on desktop applications?
What would it look like if we had a development environment on a mobile device?
Should we develop on a mobile device or is that merely for consumption?
What about multi- touch? Will that be something that we SHOULD be considering now?
The future for multi-touch might not be so far off?
Building on existing metaphors that exist - send over your ideas.

Here is a mock up of some suggestions of how to improve Script Maker UI.

Mockup and Suggestions for ScriptMaker UI Enhancements

I believe that better tools will help developers build better solutions. I look forward to receiving some of your ideas, suggestions and mockups.

Here is a short movie of a calculation dialog with a way to resize the functions list.

Did not manage to get through all the items in my talk as there were many ideas and topics shared. Attached here is my keynote slides with bullet points and mock ups of the things we talked about.

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