Food options both near to and far from pauseonerror. I am going to start the page with some choices that I like (tilted towards natural and live food). Everyone should feel free to add their choices to the page.

Bon appetit!

Close to pause on error:

18 East 23rd Street
Casual, reasonably priced Natural Foods restaurant

110 East 23rd Street
212 674-2229
Have not been here yet. Looks interesting and affordable.

Whole Foods Market
250 7th Avenue (between 24th and 25th)

Worth the journey

Here is a good place that has something for everyone

Here is a place that we went to with Vince M. when he was in town:
A bit on the radical side. Has some awesome live food dishes!

This is high end/pricy. Some celebrity sightings from time to time.
I usually go there 2 times per year for special occasions. The take out has very good macaroons that some of my clients request.

the juice press, inc.
70 East 1st Street
Interesting take out place run by a retired competitive muay thai boxer
here are my repeat choices: Food: 2 coconut seviche; 5. kale avocado salad; 7. raw oatmeal; 8. raw chia seed pudding
Juices: ... b, f, v, etc.

And if you are up for the trip, there is the Union Square Farmer's market Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. The Ace is at 20 West 29th Street (between 5th and 6th). Union Square is 14th street. It's a nice walk, or one stop on the subway. The farmers market is great food, flower's, & crafts. I can honestly say it was one of my favorite things about living in Manhattan. - Don

Oh, and then there is Danny Meyer's Shake Shack at Madison Square park (3 blocks south), the Yakitori place on St. Marks, Kims Alley Bar (Korean Barbeque) in the East Village, and dessert at the W hotel in union square. - Don