Weee Haw! Let's rope up 'em little pixels into nice little groups so you can showcase your herds (of pixels that is)!

In this nice little here time slot, we'll swap some trail stories about working in good 'ol Layout mode. I've been spending many an hour in that blank canvas land as I generate a collection of 25 new themes for my Theme Studio product. Sure, I'll use my own tool, but this'll be far from some stinkn' sales pitch.

We're talkin' every little trick in the book. From using your lasso in proper Marquee style to makin' sure it'll sing across the Valley of the Wide Area Network of Death.

Bring yer best six shooter loaded with tips, we're bound to have a rootin', tootin' ole time!

P.S. Despite the country theme, I don't personally listen to the music so if you're ever inspired to buy me some, make sure it's house - or an iTunes gift card. ;)

Moderated by: Matt Petrowsky

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