Hotel Info

The Ace Hotel

  • Reserve online, or for longer stays and loft rooms call 212.679.2222 and use the rate code "PauseOnError"
  • We were here in 2009. The hotel is great and was built for Pause: lots of space, lots of outlets.
  • The restaurant and bar at the Ace are both a very popular; make a reservation now through the hotel reservation desk to be put on a preferred list. This will likely mean a serious wait to be seated instead of complete mayhem. Neither place takes reservations outside of hotel guests.
  • Update: session rooms span almost all 10 floors, so using the stairs will be "challenging". There are TWO banks of elevators, the ones toward the rear of the lobby are less popular (see Floor Plan). The elevators do require a key card so if you're not staying at the Ace, try to hang with someone who is or walk to the 3rd floor welcome room for assistance.


We have about 40 rooms reserved at special rates. These will go quick and then it's rack rates.
About 4 lofts will reserved for larger sessions but you can always present in your own room if you want.

  • $199 Bunk
  • $219 Small
  • $249 Medium
  • $374 Large
  • $459 Loft (for the seminar rooms)

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are currently enjoying a serious resurgence and are a problem all over New York city. This is something to consider no matter where you stay. What follows is the Ace's policy and some general travel tips. Hope it helps...

From the Ace Hotel... Bed Bugs are a problem all over NYC. what makes the difference is how each hotel manages them. I can assure you your guests will have nothing to worry about here. Ace takes a proactive, combative approach to bed bug infestation (and we have the invoices to prove it). The following procedures are standard practice for prevention:

. We perform in-depth preventative inspections daily, weekly and monthly--daily by our trained housekeepers who check the rooms in key areas such as under furniture, behind headboards, cushions, and nooks in furniture to name a few; weekly, by our preventative exterminator visits; and then 10 times monthly by licensed dogs, which are brought in to detect problems with 98% accuracy.
. We wash all bedding regularly in hot water. The water is at least 120 degrees.
. We vacuum floors regularly, using the brush tool of the vacuum to vacuum the mattress and the crevice tool to vacuum crevices in the mattress and baseboards.
. Our Suite Sleep organic latex mattresses are hypoallergenic and bed bug resistant (and amazingly comfortable).

Our procedures took time and effort to develop and although we can't guarantee we'll never have an issue, we take the matter very seriously, as we do everything that involves guests of Ace. When a potential problem is brought to our attention we do call in the dogs to inspect the room immediately, and we treat it regardless of whether it finds anything.

Let me know if that helps and if you have any immediate questions. I'd be happy to talk to any concerned guests directly, or even put them in touch with our director of sales or managing director if that makes a difference...

Travel Light
  • Try to pack only what can be laundered in hot water-heat is the bedbug's Achilles's heel-

Inspect Your Room
  • Look under the four corners of the mattress, the four underside corners of the boxspring, and the piping of sofas and large furniture,

Don't Overreact
  • If you think you've found something, ask management to move you. Keep in mind, though, that it's easy for non-professionals to find false positives. There are plenty of things you could find that look like signs of a bedbug infestation but aren't, and a low-level problem isn't necessarily a call to flee the premises altogether.

Mind Your Bags
  • Keep your luggage on a rack rather than on upholstered furniture or on or under a bed. Whether you unpack it or not is up to you, but it's safest to keep whatever you're not wearing or using sealed in your bag.

Seal It Up
  • Before placing any luggage into your car for the ride home from the airport, put it in a large lawn or leaf bag tied shut with a tight knot. That way your car will be protected.

Heat It Up
  • When you get home, run everything that can be laundered through a hot wash, a 30-minute hot-dryer cycle (115 degrees will do the trick on everything from bugs to eggs), or dry-clean it. For luggage, you can use a PackTite heating unit for four hours.