Interface: Building Something James Bond Would Use

What do you want to build? A Yugo or an Aston Martin? James Bond drove the latter for a reason.

As FileMaker developers, we can fall into the trap of thinking that calculations, scripts, and relationships are the crux of what we do. And while these things are imperative for building databases in FileMaker, the highly important (and sometimes ominous) topic of interface deserves quite a bit of attention.

Let’s take a step away from FileMaker and talk about the importance of interface from an everyday perspective. Car interiors, online shopping, microwaves, TVs, restaurants – let’s talk real world. Once we’ve gotten our feet muddy, we’ll jump into FileMaker and look at the way that interface design affects the user’s perception of and experience with our FileMaker solutions.

But that’s not it – let’s break down some FileMaker solutions and discuss the good, the bad, the what if we changed, and the awesome.

Our goal for this session should be to take away some quick, easy lessons that can help us elevate interface to the next level

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