Molly Connolly : Recruiting & Developing New Talent

Recruiting, training and on-boarding new FileMaker developers is not easy. Hard. Impossible. Annoying. Frustrating...Can you tell I'm not interested in recruiting anymore? But what can we do about it? Every year someone comes up with a great idea to offer FileMaker in colleges so they will get hooked (like I did!) and bring FileMaker into the workplace (like I did) and eventually become full-time developers (like I did). Or what if we offered consulting and FTS training classes to a batch of new developers so we could basically produce a new army of FileMaker developers...we need them. The question though--is who is going to pay for that? FMI is a product company who is supportive of the idea--but they aren't going to foot the bill (unless you know something I don't know).

So is there a way, that we as a community of developers, who need new talent, who are eager to hire and able to train, can fund an initiative to create new development talent? I would love the opportunity to offer a crash course in technology consulting techniques with input from members of the community. It would be great if FTS trainers in various cities would open their doors to interns. Or we could develop an online training program. But, who pays for it? How can we make this a worthwhile effort for trainers? Is it possible that people who are competing for the same talent could actually bond together to create a bigger talent pool to chose from? How much revenue are you missing out on because you don't have enough resources to staff your projects?

I believe there is an opportunity to solve a serious problem and would like to use this session to brainstorm a solution.

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