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  • Update, Jan 11, 2011, 9:30 PM EST
    • The schedule is heating up! Thanks to everyone for your contribution! This is going to be great. Also, here's a reminder to all session hosts/speakers that as with previous Pauses we, the friendly bunch on the Pause Steering Committee for 2011 NYC, will be curating these sessions before locking down the final schedule in the coming days; which is to say we may move sessions around, edit the descriptions or otherwise help you shape them. No need for alarm if you see weird things happening :). Cheers!

  • NOTE: we are expecting nearly over 80 100 120+ people. We cannot all fit in one room. It is GOOD to have overlapping sessions. There are plenty of slots open.
  • If you are considering hosting one, please do. Session creators, please post only one session in the main suites, hosting additional sessions elsewhere so more people get a chance to present.
  • We'll have most of these sessions in one of the five suites we've reserved, so you don't *have* to do your session in your own room. Though if you want to, go for it.

The Schedule


Open - the schedule is in flux, looking good but subject to change, get excited but not too invested yet, and it is a wee bit early to be planning your Pause around the schedule as is. Patience, young grasshopper!


Nimbus Hosting.Net recorded
SeedCode: recorded
FullCity Consulting:
IT Solutions
Anvil Dataworks Suite
Proof Suite
Angel City Suite
Welcome Room
Room 1011
Room 811
Room 408
Room 411
Room 611
Room 312
Room 306
Room 311

Please sign up to staff our welcome room. We would like 2-3 people available.
8am - 9am
Breakfast starts at 8am, Pause kick-off begins at 8:30am... be there.
(yes, there will be coffee. attendance at breakfast limited to eventbrite registrants.)

Orientation in Liberty Hall : breakfast

9:30am - 10:45am
Jason Mundok: Testing - Agile and Otherwise
A discussion about test practices. We will start with an overview of how IT Solutions does testing in an Agile development environment, and some improvements we're planning to make to our process. This session is not meant to be a discussion about Agile development exclusively; but rather a discussion of various testing processes and what makes the most sense for FileMaker developers.
Don Levan : Building a better horse: or how to design what your clients really need.
This session will be a discussion of the design process and practices we can use to see beyond the stated problem and create something that brings our clients real benefit.
Molly Connolly : One to Many:What steps are involved in growing from sole proprietor to a larger company. Discussion of inflection and decision points for growth.
Chris Moyer:
Advanced Reporting Technique
David Graham : Data Modeling our Open Source CRM
Introducing BoB (Best of Breed): the open source contact manager you never knew you needed: the best possible way for a FileMaker database to model people and organizations (i.e., “parties”)

Jeff London & Neal Watzman
11am - 12:00pm
Corn Walker : Beyond A/B: A Minimalist Graph Approach
What happens when you take Chris Crim's vision seriously?
Jason Young : What’s Faster in FMGO
Comparisons and stats teasing out which techniques are fastest in FileMaker Go
Danny Mack:
Leveraging FileMaker's Internal ID's A discussion of how and when FileMaker uses internal ID's and when it maps objects by name. Especially important when developing in multiple files, multiple locations, with more than one developer, or with the separation model.
Doug Gardner: What's Best? A discussion of the things we do everyday in FileMaker. Guidelines for setting up a file, using script parameters, types of variables, working around tab control troubles, economical vs. easy to read scrips and calcs, etc. etc. Bring your own Best Practices and have them critiqued in a caring, loving environment.
Chris Kubica : Growing the FileMaker Consulting Market
Discuss concrete ways we can work together to increase worldwide FileMaker consulting opportunities.
Bob Shockey: History 101
The evolution of a browser-like navigation history that allows users to backtrack through previously visited layouts and records.
Court Bowman: MVC

Model View Controller
Audrey Akhavan
on your own

2pm - 3:15pm
Matt Navarre : Vertical Market Applications – Open Discussion
An open, somewhat moderated discussion of what’s going on with Verticals in FMP.
Jesse Barnum: Calendar Integration Technique
A developer-to-developer demo of how it works, what you can do with it, and wow we integrated FileMaker with calendars programs including iCal, iPad, iPhone, Google and Android.
Chuck Melton: Real World Problem Solving With ESS
A discussion about problems FileMaker developers have experienced and what we used to solve them.
Tim Neudecker : How to identify a good project/customer
Stephen Dolenski:Community Resource Providersmeet the folks behind the forums and other community resources.
Peter Vinogradov:
Single Developer Life Hacks
Pleasing the boss when the boss is you
FOCUS Framework

Vince Menanno & Will Baker
Phil Yaffe & Chris Bailey
3:45pm - 5pm
Micah Woods:
Uncovering a hidden gem: FileMaker’s internal SQL
An introduction to FileMaker's internal SQL
Mark Richman: Version Control: A discussion on how it can transform your development and co-development processes as part of a team of FileMaker developers.
Ian Jempson : Writing re-usable modular code
We'll take a look at some of the more recent additions to FileMaker that allow us take advantage of code re-use without resorting to Copy and Paste.
John Mathewson: Operating aHigh Performance Development Firm

10 tips to help you manage a more profitable business
John Sindelar : FMGo Deployment Options
Online, offline, and hybrids.
Lauren Kuhlman: WordPress FileMaker Sync The plug-in is a new option for deploying FileMaker data to the web quickly and inexpensively.
Marshall Michaels: New Net Strategy Selling to non-FM users.
Jesse Barnum & Sam Barnum

After Pause

On your own

Pause for Photography: Evening photo walk & possibly pause for dinner. Meet in Lobby of Ace hotel @ 5:30 PM, (Ernest Koe)


Nimbus Hosting.Net: recorded
SeedCode Suite: recorded
FullCity Consulting Suite recorded
IT Solutions Suite
Anvil Dataworks Suite
Proof Suite
Angel City Suite
Welcome Room
Room 1011
Room 811
Room 408
Room 411
Room 611
Room 312
Room 306
Room 311

Pause here.
On Your Own
6:30 AM - Morning Street/Photo walk, meet in lobby, one camera, one lens. - Ernest Koe

9:30am - 10:45am
Chris Moyer : Mail Merge - Trickier than it looks This session explores techniques that can be used to allow a non-programmer application administrator to curate the list of fields available to system users who need to compose new merge documents
Darren Terry: Shaking the Dependency Tree
An open-forum discussion of the calculation dependency tree in FM, and what events do (and don't) cause recalculations.
Vincenzo Menanno:
FileMaker User experience for Developers We'll look at ways to improve the developer user experience. Please send me mockups, ideas, or suggestions and I'll organize them to review together. Heather Winkle, Product Manager for User Experience, will join us for this discussion.
Molly Connolly:Recruiting New Talent Who What When Where Why?
Scott Karch: World Class Hosting of Filemaker Solutions
We'll explore the differences between hosting and HOSTING FileMaker Solutions over the WAN. The advantages and disadvantages of a Citrix/Terminal environment vs FileMaker/Go connections over the internet.

Oreste Schiavone:Layout Magic
A collection of useful tips and layout trick I have used in my designs.
Micah Woods & Don Levan
11am - 12:00pm
Cris Ippolite: ProjectTracker
Kirk Bowman: The Art of Value
Ernest Koe/Corn Walker : Interaction Design Patterns
Bring a design pattern, share a design pattern
Steve Lane: Unit Testing:
Joe Mastriani: Intellectual Property
Kevin Ayers: Name/Value Pairs Name/value pairs can be used for far more then just script parameters
Allen Imbarrato:
Creating More Success with Less Stress
Explore ways to create a clearer larger vision of work and life,
to find the right balance to not only win at work, but to also win at life.
Kate Lee
on your own

Ernest Koe: Pause for Photographers

2pm - 3:15pm
Dave Johnson: Best Practices for Managing Vertical Market Solutions
The Ideas, challenges, and tools used to manage development of FileMaker-built software products (affectionately known as 'verticals')
Dave Knight : Plenty of Pie 2.0

Learn Dozens Of Proactive Techniques You Can Use Now To Increase Your Sales.

Kevin Frank: FileMaker's Internal SQL Engine for Developers
Not an intro, but no expertise required. We'll get into the code, and discuss challenges and solutions.
Fiddlehead: Status Bar or Not Status Bar, that is the question...
Matt Petrowsky: Hacking the Heck out of Layout Mode
Hey, let's design a layout theme together and talk about all the tips and tricks you can use in Layout mode!
Dan Weiss: Alternative Authentication Options
Using the Web Viewer to authenticate instead of FileMaker's built-in authentication.
Michael Harris :
The Soft Relationship Graph

Management of relationships on the fly without opening the RG. The resulting FM table can be used to find, manage and invoke relationships on the fly analogous to SQL queries.

3:45pm - 5pm
Martha Zink: Interface: Building Something James Bond Would Use
John Weinshel and Russ Kohn: The Interpretation of Dreams. The client has dreams that we must interpret. The hardest collision with reality is often the point at which there is no obvious choice between when the computer should make a decision and when the user should. How do we dampen the impact and bring our clients to safety?
Adam Aronson: The Alchemy of Estimating
How much will it cost? When will it be done? What exactly is "it"? These questions and more to be answered here!
Steering Committee Hold (Koe)
Colin Keefe : Growing User Groups: roundtable discussion
Oreste Schiavone CheckList Manifesto

After Pause
wrap party in the suites: 811, 1011, 611


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