The Status Bar: Getting to Yes (Open Discussion)

The FileMaker status bar; have so few pixels of screen real estate ever been worthy of so much talk? We all know that displaying the status bar can have great benefits for developers and users alike, not to mention the FileMaker product line itself. With the proper use of custom menus, script triggers, and security, it can do things for us we never dreamed of when it was stuck over there on the left.

So why are we at Fiddlehead still struggling with adopting it? Is it just us? We know that the trend among many of our colleagues is towards its use, and that FileMaker wants to see the status bar exposed “even at Medtronic.” We want to jump on the bandwagon. We want to be comfortable displaying it in all of our solutions. We want to start each new project knowing it’s a no-brainer to expose it, not having the same discussion each time: status bar or no?

Recently, though, we have developed several solutions where we determined exposing the status bar just wasn’t the right fit for the project. We’ll discuss a few of these cases and would love to explore examples of how others are choosing to display it, or not. And if not, why?

We’ll try to stick to the following format:

· Pros: We love the status bar because…

· Cons: We don’t display it all the time because…

· Wish List: It would take… for us to be able to say, without hesitation, that we can happily expose the status bar in every solution we deploy.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a status bar slag-fest! (If you're looking for that, please visit Marshall Micheals' session). Hope you’ll join us for some constructive conversation around an important topic.

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