Doug Gardner : What's Best? A discussion of the things we do everyday in FileMaker.

This is going to be a discussion, not a "presentation"—we're counting on contributions from as many people as possible. Here are some suggested items for discussion. I'll provide examples of some things, facilitate discussion, and we'll all find out from the room what we could be doing better.

Please add anything that you're interested in covering, and if you bring an example of your own best practice, or something you're wondering about, we'll cover as many as we can, but I'm guessing we won't be able to cover them all.

  • Best way to set up a database (Files, TO's, Layouts, etc.) Note: Due of the high likelihood of a religious war breaking out, we'll limit this to a few pithy arguments on each side. Those in the front row will be provided with plastic sheets.
  • Solution-wide "sub-structures". Are these a good idea?
  • Global vs Local Variables: When to use which and how.
  • Script Parameters: Why not use them every single chance you get? I'll tell you why...
  • Layout Mode: Grid on or Off, and what's the best way to develop a UI consistently and quickly?
  • Scripts and Calcs: Easy to read vs. economical. Do people who use C1, Cn, Ca, etc. ever have trouble reading their calc. in the morning?
  • Script and Calc. Commenting: Every little thing? Nothing? What?
  • Tab Controls: When to use them, when to avoid them, and if anyone from FMI shows up, how to make them a heck of a lot better.

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